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The Different Curriculum about Healthy Reproduction between Junior High School Located in Urban and Rural Areas Batang Regency
Pramita Naily Faizah

Last modified: 2018-08-24



Nowadays, there are many cases of free sex before marriage, such as HIV and unwanted pregnancy that happen to junior high school age level in rural area every year. This research is conducted to observe the difference of applying curriculum about healthy reproduction in Junior High School located in urban and rural areas in Batang regency. The author had interviewed biology, counselling, religion, and physical education teachers.


Matherial and methode

This research uses qualitative approach to collect the data by interviewing science, counselling, religion, and physical education teachers. Material about healthy reproduction is included in those subjects. The author interviewed 7 teachers in each school.



The result of this research shows that most of interviewees in urban area are able to explain about healthy reproduction without reading the books since they had joined kind of training about it. It is different with interviewee in rural area, they did not do as great as the interviewee in urban area. The way the urban teachers deliver the material is totally better than the rural teachers. Sometimes, they use film and pictures that may interest the students. They teach the students and discuss the healthy reproduction inside and sometimes outside the class. Meanwhile, the rural teachers only deliver it inside the class during the learning process



There are differences in applying curriculum about health of reproduction between junior high school in urban and rural area with the free sex cases in rural area.



Thank to parties involved in the research


Health Reproduction, Teenagers , Rural and Urban Area.