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Exclusivism Behaviour of Informal Groups to The Goverment’s National Health Insurance Program (JKN)
Firman Firman

Last modified: 2018-08-23



In JKN membership, the informal sector group is referred to as a group of workers who conduct economic business independently. The BPJS report in 2018, the participation of this group has only reached 11% from the totally 60% potential of the population of Indonesia who are working in the informal sector. This study aims to explain the low participation of informal groups in the JKN program.

Materials and methods

This study uses qualitative research with phenomenological design. Determination of informants by snowball technique. The number of informants as many as 12 people came from computer business associations operating around the city of Yogyakarta. Data collection through in-depth interviews with an average interview duration of 40-60 minutes. Furthermore, the interview data was transcribed verbally and used critical analysis through the coding s and thematic processes to find the pattern relationship from the informant perspective.


The results showed that the informants' absence from  JKN program was due to exclusivism behavior. Exclusivism is a paradigm or action that considers that they are excluding from the JKN program, they known this program as a government assistance program specifically for the poor.  They have the private health insurance, that issuess’s not urgent for them, so it’s never discussing in formal meeting of their community. In addition, they also considered that the quality of health services from JKN was not affordable according  experienced and got information directly from friends, family, and also the media. For example, the case of patient refused in hospital, long queues, poor quality drugs, additional fees when get treatment, even inequality services between JKN patients and not.


The government needs a special approach to improve their literacy and engagement in the JKN program.  Starting from the socialization technique, training, until the kind of partnership with the employers' association. Thus, its will encourage the spirit of their ownership in achieving universal health coverage in 2019.

Keywords : National Health Insurance, Informal Groups, JKN