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Environmental Health In Defense Heritage Restoration
Jeanne Francoise, Sovian Aritonang, Tatar Bonar, Herlina Saragih

Last modified: 2018-09-29



This paper that would be presented in International Conference on Public Health and Sustainable Development, 2-5 October 2018 in Prime Plaza Hotel Sanur, Bali, Indonesia, has analysis about the environmental issue during restoration process to preserve defense heritage. If there is no action about this matter, the people and communities who are living in the area of defense heritage will have several impacts, not just health issue, but also socio-economic issue. For example near the Daendles railway in Panarukan can not be restored because there are living area there and it is not easy to move people safely.

Materials and methods

This paper is using qualitative method, using the primary and secondary data, including literature review. This paper is using the concept of Indonesian national defense system to explain about the urgency to preserve defense heritage. Besides, this paper is also using the concept of defense heritage, based on UNESCO Convention on Cultural Heritage. Third concept in this paper is Modernism in the context of environmental health and green thought in Indonesia.


This paper has result about the framework of multitrack diplomacy to do defense heritage restoration without taking risk of environmental health of the surrounding people that are living close to the defense heritage and also how the government can protect the sovereignty of Indonesian people by being aware of foreign aid on restoration.


This paper will conclude that Indonesia needs defense heritage policy, so that there is active government actions on environmental health during defense heritage restoration.


This paper research, conference fee, and Scopus publication fee, will be funded by Indonesia Defense University.

Keywords:  defense, defense heritage, modernism, restoration, UNESCO