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The difference of pain labour level with counter pressure and abdominal lifting on primigravida in active phase of first stage labor
Tuti Oktriani

Last modified: 2018-08-20



Nowadays many methods are offered to reduce pain in labor, both pharmacological (using drugs) and non-pharmacological (traditional) methods. If possible the choice of non-pharmacologic therapy for the management of pain in pregnancy and labor should be considered before using analgesic drugs. One of an effective non-pharmacological method to reduce pain is with massage. The basis of this theory is the gate control theory proposed by Melzak and Wall (Lliadou, 2009).


this was an experimental with pre test and post test design, data were collected on Nilam Sari Health Care area (BPM Rita) and Gulai Bancah Health Care area (BMP Bunda). The samples were 42 women on their active phase of labor, 21 women for counter Pressure technic and 21 women for Abdominal Lifting technic


Counter Pressure technic decreased pain of labor with a P-value 0.015 (p<0.05) and abdominal lifting technic significantly decreased pain of labour with a P-value 0.001.


abdominal lifting technic (P 0,001) more effective than counter pressure technic (P 0,015) for pain relief in active phase of labour.


Acknowledgments are given to Bachelor Program of Applied Midwifery, Prima Nusantara Health Institute who always provide support and encouragement in every research activity.

Keyword : pain, Labour, Counter – Pressure, Abdominal – Lifting