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The risk factor of occupational respiratory symptoms in hairdresser workers at South Sumatera
Desheila Andarini

Last modified: 2018-08-20



Occupational Respiratory Symptoms is one of the preliminary phase of occupational disease in the hairdressers profession. Some factor causing respiratory disease are occupational exposure, smoking and lung infections. Hairdressers are exposed to many chemicals in the use of many hair products such as shampoos, curling products, hair dyes, and hair sprays.

Materials and methods

This study aimed to obtain risk factor related to occupational respiratory symptoms on hairdresser workers in Palembang. Cross sectional study design was chosen with a sample size of 150 respondents.



The result showed that the prevalence of Occupational Respiratory Symptoms was 40%, female hairdresser were 85.3% with more than five years work period was 54,7%, personal protective equipment user was 39,3%, smoking habits was 86% with majority non-smoker worker, and there were 8% that have previous lung disease condition.



There were no significant relationship between work period, personal protective equipment and smoking with Occupational Respiratory Symptoms. There was a significant relationship between the previous lung disease with Occupational Respiratory Symptoms.



Keywords : Occupational Respiratory Symptoms, Risk Factor, Hairdressers