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Muchsin Maulana

Last modified: 2018-08-20


Background : The management of hospital environment has a complex problem, one of the problems is the hospital waste which is very sensitive to the government regulations. Hospitals considerd as one of the largest waste producers and it produces  B3 and medical waste, the poor management will potentially cause environmental pollution for the surrounding. Several problems that happened in hospital sanitation installation which some of them are (1) The absence of special personnel who is handling wastes of hazardous materials  (B3) in RSUD Tanjungpinang (2) lack of special training of wastes management in hospital. This research aims to evaluate the management of hazardous and toxics waste (B3) toward medical solid waste at RSUD Tanjungpinang Hospital Riau Islands.

Method: The type of research which used is descriptive qualitative, the subject in research that is the Head of Installation Facilities and the Hospital Infrastructure, Environmental Health Staff, Wastes Management Officer and Cleaning Service officer in RSUD Tanjungpinang Hospital. The research’s tools is using observation and interview. Data analysis should be done with descriptive qualitative, to ensure the validity of the data, accordingly conducted data collection using source triangulation and triangulation method.

Result: Based on the result of the research using observation and interview methods are showing that the management of hazardous and toxics waste (B3) is good enough toward the medical solid waste, SDM and Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) is quite adequate. Moreover, according to the standard, the wastes management process of B3 toward the medical solid waste including collection, packaging, storage and destruction are in compliance with established SOPs.

Conclusion: The management of hazardous and toxics waste (B3) toward the medical solid waste at RSUD Tanjungpinang Kepulauan Riau which is contain   Input, Process and Output. Is already in accordance with Decree of The Minister of Republic Health of Indonesia Number 1204 year 2004 about Health Requirements for Hospital Environment but still needs to maximized again in the implementation.

Key Words: B3, Medical, Solid, Waste