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A Retrospective Cross Sectional Study of Anemia Status during pregnancy and Maternal Nutritional Status with Stunting in Toddlers
rahmatika nur aini

Last modified: 2018-09-16



Stunting is a description of chronic nutritional problems, from the condition of the mother during pregnancy, fetus, and toddler. This study aims to determine the magnitude risk of anemia during pregnancy and maternal nutritional status in the growth of toddlers.

Materials and methods

The study was conducted in three Health Center (HC) in Sukoharjo, Indonesia in 2018. Selection of HC by purposive sampling with a total target population of 670 mothers. A total of 129 mothers were selected, the subjects were mothers who had a toddler (12-24 months). Subjects were interviewed using a structured questionnaire. Anemia and maternal nutritional status during pregnancy were obtained from the KIA book. Logistic regression is used for analysis.



129 mothers, 37.2% had anemia in the first trimester, 64.3% in the second trimester, 86.0% in the third trimester and 49.6% were underweight. Logistic regression test showed anemia first trimester (OR=7.39; CI=2.86-19.09; p=0.00) and nutritional status of mothers during pregnancy (OR=9.66; CI=3.77-24.73; p=0.00).



Anemia in the first trimester and nutritional status during pregnancy give a significant partial effect on the incidence of stunting in toddlers.



Thanks to the Mojolaban, Baki, and Grogol HC, Sukoharjo Regency, Indonesia.


Keywords Anemia, anemia during preganancy, maternal nutritional status, and stunting.