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Analysis of Diphtheria In Padang City (Qualitative Study)
Masrizal Masrizal, Fauziah Elytha, Fauriza Afifahh, Randa Ilham

Last modified: 2018-08-20



Diphtheria is an infectious disease that can be prevented by immunization. The case of suspected diphtheria increased in Padang City in 2017. The purpose of this study is to describe the causes of incedence of diphtheria in Health Center of Padang City in 2017.



This research uses qualitative method which is executed in February-April 2018 in working area of ​​Andalas, Ambacang, Kuranji, Lubuk Begalung, Ulak Karang, Nanggalo, Alai, Ikur Koto, Belimbing, Pegambiran, and Padang Pasir Health Center. Informant determination technique is purposive sampling. The key instrument is the researcher herself. Data collection was done by in-depth interview, document review, and observation. Data processing uses triangulation of sources and methods.



The results of research in terms of HR factors indicate the minimum number for health personnel has been met in rule but has not met with fungtinal analyse, and has not met with immunization field. Minimum education of officers is DIII, but in surveilances not like in rule. Each officer duty has a double or more duties. Counseling has not reached the target of the case. The officers have attended  trainings. The meeting and implementation of diphtheria surveillance is done only when there cases appears. The vaccine were in a complete vaccine storage facility. the distribution or the vaccine needs to be planned. Vaccine is recorded 2 times in day. There are officers who still keeping the opened vaccine. Maternal factors showed the mother of the suspect has knowledge, attitudes, and adequate action only in general term, but they didn’t know how to do disease prevention and don’t want to give immunization to her child.



The incidence of diphtheria can occur due to HR factors such as lake of personnel in the field during immunization. The stakeholder of surveillance is not epidemiology. Counseling has not reached the right target. The surveillance conducted after the suspect is treated. Vaccine quality is not maintained and there are minim with cold pack. The mother of the suspects didn’t know about disease prevention. It is recommended to Padang City Health Department to increase the training for officers. To the Health Center is expected to conduct counseling to the right target.


Keywords: Diphtheria, Maternal Behavior, HR, Qualitative, Vaccines