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Pneumonia Risk Factors of Toddlers in Sawahlunto City
Masrizal Masrizal, Randa Ilham

Last modified: 2018-08-20


Background : Pneumonia is an acute infection of the lower respiratory tract area, which specifically affects the lungs with an estimated more than 2 million deaths each year. Sawahlunto city health department reported 42 cases of pneumonia in 2014 and increased to 87 cases in 2015. The purpose of this study to determine risk factors for pneumonia in infants in the city of Sawahlunto.

Methods: A case control study was conducted from 33 the number of cases of mothers with children suffering from pneumonia aged 12-60 months were taken by simple random sampling and 33 controls with purposive random sampling. Data were tested by chi square test and logistic regression (95% CI) was done at variable with p value <0.25.

Results: The majority of cases of pneumonia most 24-36 month age range of 50% immunization status at risk by 12.12%, with low education Mother of 48.48%, lower economic status amounted to 66.67%, the fuel risk by 39, 39%, and smoking is at risk of 62.50%. Chi Square test showed factors associated with pneumonia (p value <0.05) is the mother's education and socioeconomic. The results of logistic regression showed that economic status is a variable that most influenced the incidence of pneumonia with an OR of 7.43 (95% CI: 2.46 to 22.42)

Conclusion: It is expected that health agencies and health centers to maximize the outreach program and access to health services to the community to minimize the occurrence and consequences of pneumonia in children in the city Sawahlunto.

Keywords : Pneumonia, low birth weight, maternal education, economic status, fuel, smoke