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Spatial Analysis of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever Based on LFI and DF on Primary Health Care X, Region Samarinda
Risva ., Alif Ahmad Mukhlish, Nurul Rochimah, Andi Anwar, Siswanto ., Dina Lusiana S, Siti Fatimah Achmad

Last modified: 2018-08-17


Background : Based on data from Samarinda City Health Office, Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) phenomenon had increased in 2017. Statistical analysis was still not enough to identify the spread across of DHF phenomenon. The DHF is a public health problem that related to Geospatial Issue. The purposes of this research were to recognize the spread of DHF phenomenon based on Larva Free Index (LFI) and Density Figure (DF).

Materials and methods : The research used cross-sectional design and spatial analysis by Geographical Information System (GIS), The research was conducted in Sempaja primary health care, Samarinda by using total sampling based on primary and secondary data of variable LFI, DF, type of land, and the cases of DHF phenomenon.


Results : The result of this research, there had been found some cluster patterns in several Sempaja’s areas primary health care, Samarinda Region. The correlation test between LFI and DHF or DF and DHF both showed that Ho accepted or there were no relationship with number of  p value 0,112 and 0,197. Meanwhile for GIS analysis, it  showed correlation between LFI and DF to DHF phenomenon cases, based on the type of resident areas showed in desely populated area 78%, housing area 20%, and irregular settlement 2%.


Conclusions : According to the result, there was no significant relationship with Statistical analysis but with geospatial analysis,it showed significant relationship. Coordination between primary health care were needed, so recorded data became more accurate and easier in the process of excavation and problem solving. The public was also advised to pay attention to environmental sanitation through consistent and continuous implementation of 3M plus.


Acknowledgements : This research was supported by Public Health Faculty. We thank our colleagues from Sempaja primary health sevices who provided insight and expertise that greatly assisted the research, although they may not agree with all of the conclusions of this research.

Keywords :  DHF Risks, Spatial, LFI, DF