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Influence of Health Promotion Through "Instagram" on Improving Knowledge and Attitude "Sadari" to Student of Faculty of Public Health Andalas University
Ayulia Fardila Sari ZA

Last modified: 2018-08-15


Opportunity of breast cancer patients to recover reached 98% when it is detected early and treated medically. Efforts to implement early detection Breast Self-Examination (Sadari) can be done through health promotion to increase knowledge and attitude of the community. This study aims to measure the influence of health promotion through social media instagram on increasing knowledge and attitude "Sadari" to Unand FKM students.

Materials and methods

The research type is preexperimental with one group pretest and posttest design. The research was conducted at FKM Unand from March to April 2018. The sample was 50 respondents using proportional random sampling technique. Promotional interventions of Sadari is done for a week through instagram media. Data analysis is univariate and bivariate, using one sample group paired t test.



The average knowledge of respondents at pre test of 15.70 with deviation standard of 2.053 and the average post test value of 18.38 with a standard deviation of 1.123. The average score of respondents attitude during pre test was 32.08 with standard deviation 2,863 and average post test score 34,58 with standard deviation 2,383. The result of statistical test shows that there is a significant increase of knowledge and attitude (p <0,05) value from before and after the health promotion given using social media instagram.


There is a significant correlation to the increase of knowledge and attitude toward Unand FKM student. It is recommended to utilize social media instagram as a health promotion media especially Sadari.



Keywords: Early Detection Breast Self-Examination, Instagram, Knowledge, Attitude, Sadari

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