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Factors Related to Work Accidents in Spring Bed Production Employees at X Industry Padang in 2018
Nizwardi Azkha

Last modified: 2018-08-17



Occupational accident still never decreased this time because of the factors of occupational accident was still high. The occupational accidents at X Industry Padang that happen from 2014 to 2017 are 25 cases.  The purpose of this study was to determine factors that affect workplace accidents at employees at X Industry Padang 2018.



The design of this study is quantitative by using cross sectional approach. This study was conducted in February- Mei 2018 with amount of population is 113 and samples around 57. The primary data was collected by using quisionare with interview and observation. This data was analysed by univariat and bivariart analysis with CI 95% (α= 0,05).


The results showed that 61.4% of workers had experienced work accidents, among the related factors were 57.9% of workers did not use personal protection equipment (PPE) while working, 57.9% of workers had non-ergonomic work attitudes, 54.4% of workers experienced workload weight.



Factors related to workplace accidents at X Industry is the use of PPE, work attitude, and workload in the production section of X Industry Padang. It is expected that the company will provide OSH training regarding work attitudes, increase supervision of the use of PPE, and sanction if not using PPE while working.


Keywords : Workload, Work Accident, Use of PPE, Work Attitude