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Increasing Knowledge about McKenzie Strecthing Method’s to Reduce Muskuloskeletal Disorders’ Complaints (Quasi Experimental Study among Grade X Students of SMAN 3 Banjarbaru City)
Ratna Setyaningrum

Last modified: 2018-08-18



Learning process involving physical and mental activity can cause various health complaints, one of them is musculoskeletal disorders complaints that can be caused by the length of learning process in monotonous position. The impact of health problems can disrupt the quality of the learning process. The recommended effort is by stretching the muscles during the learning activity. Based on the results of previous research on the Senior High School Students of Grade X in Banjarbaru City, it is known that more than half of students (52%) have complaints of back pain, back and neck mainly due to sitting too long in the classroom study chair. Most students have never received health promotion regarding stretching and complaints on the musculoskeletal system.

Materials and methods

The purpose of this research is to analyze the effectiveness of McKenzie stretching method’s training to change the knowledge of grade X Students SMAN 3 Banjarbaru. This is a Quasi-Experiment research with one group pre and post test. Samples as many as 33 people. This research using questionnaire as instrument.




Based on Wilcoxon test with significance level p> 0,05 it is known that there is difference of knowledge level before and after intervention with p value: 0.000 (<0,05).



It can be concluded that McKenzie stretching method’s training effective to change the knowledge among respondents.



We would like to thank the principals, teachers and students at SMAN 3 Banjarbaru, as well as all related parties who support the implementation of this research.


Keywords: knowledge, McKenzie stretching method’s, musculoskeletal disorder complaints, training