13th IEA SEA Meeting and ICPH - SDev

October 2, 2018 – October 5, 2018

2 - 5 October 2018

Prime Plaza Hotel Sanur

Bali, Indonesia


Some targets to solve public health problems has been included in global development agenda. MDGs urged the countries to achieve several measurable targets on addressing the problems of infectious diseases, NCDs and poverty by 2015. However, until the end of 2015, the targets were unsuccessfully achieved by majority of developing countries worldwide. Post 2015 agenda, a global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was launched in the United Nations Conference guiding a sustainable development worldwide. Some indicators in addressing infectious diseases, NCDs and other health problems including universal health coverage were set again to be achieved by the countries in 2030.

Reflecting from the failure of the countries achieving the desired indicators of MDGs, the governments should move to develop and implement effective health programs called evidence-based health policy. It uses scientific research as the basis of developing health policy and program planning to improve health outcomes and performance as well as allowing the efficient use of resources. Evidence-based health policy is crucial in South East Asian countries and other countries with limited resource setting. Therefore, epidemiologists in these countries need place for knowledge sharing to improve their capacity in achieving health development agenda in their respective countries.

The International Epidemiological Association (IEA) has more than 1000 members in over 100 different countries who follow the aims of the Association to facilitate communication amongst those engaged in research and teaching of epidemiology throughout the world, and to encourage its use in all fields of health including social, community and preventative medicine. These aims are achieved by holding scientific meetings and seminars, by publication of journals, reports, monographs, translations of books, by contact amongst members and by other activities consistent with these aims. In this year, IEA Southeast Asia Regional Scientific Meeting which will be held with International Conference on Public Health and Sustainable Development, focuses on enhancing the countries to develop an evidence-based health policy for SDGs achievement.


The conference aims to overview what epidemiologists and public health professionals can do to enhance the implementation of evidence-based health policy for SDGs achievement. The conference will be a forum for epidemiologists, public health professionals and public health policy makers in sharing their knowledge and expertise and contributing to the achievement of SDGs, particularly in their respective countries and Southeast Asia Region in general.


IEA Southeast Asia Regional Scientific Meeting will be jointed with International Conference on Public Health and Sustainable Development, organized by the Faculty of Public Health, Andalas University and IEA. The main theme of the conference is Enhancing Evidence-based Health Policy for SDGs Achievement. The main theme is discussed in four two-hours-plenary:

  • Plenary 1: Public health achievement: where we are now?
  • Plenary 2: Global challenges for good health and well-being
  • Plenary 3: Evidence-based approach: epidemiological value in advancing public health policy
  • Special symposium arranged by IEA

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All abstracts presented in the conference are published as proceedings in BMC Public Health Journal, no additional charge is required. The presenters of the conference are also invited to publish their papers as supplement in one of these journals: BMC Public Health Journal (Scopus-Q1 Indexed), Malaysian Journal of Public Health Medicine (Scopus-Q4 Indexed), or Andalas Journal of Public Health/ JKMA (DOAJ Indexed) with additional charge.


All abstracts should be submitted online through submission menu. Author must be registered first and create an account by filling up the registration form. Authors use this account to log in and access any information regarding their abstracts and status. Click here for submission.

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